Larica Bolos


Get Together Size (8-12 slices)

The Get Together size is perfect for a small shindig. You can get 8 to 12 slices, depending on how much you like your guests.

Party Size (16-20 slices)

The Party size cake is obviously great for a party or when you want to eat cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can get 16 to 20 slices, depending on how much you love cake.

MiniCakes Carrot.jpg

The Look

All of our cakes are three layered Naked Cakes, simple and rustic looking, with no fondant. Our best seller is the Carrot Cake, the best one you’ll eat in Portugal. All of our cakes are made with fresh, natural ingredients and organic eggs.  


The MiniCakes are perfect for either a kid’s party or a cocktail party. It’s the perfect bite-sized to taste and enjoy each of our cakes.  

Truffles Funfetti 3.jpg

Cake Truffles & Pops*

Our Cake Truffles have all of the flavors of each cake in one bite. Each truffle is enrobed in chocolate and cocoa butter, never using artificial ingredients, like candy melts. The Cake Pops are made with bamboo skewers.

*Truffles not available during the summer.

Ice Cream & Sorbet Sandwiches

Our ice cream and sorbet sandwiches are 100% homemade, from the brownie to the ice cream. Our ice creams are made with 40% heavy cream in order to get the creamiest and balanced flavors, and are never too sweet. Our sorbets are always made with the best ingredients and are never icy.


Gluten, Sugar, & Lactose Free and Organic

If eggs and butter aren’t your cup of tea, we also have vegan options. We also make desserts without gluten and added sugar. We even have three Vegan & Gluten Free Sorbet Sandwiches flavors available. If you prefer all organic ingredients, we’ve got you covered, too!

Custom Cakes

Contact us if you want something special and personalized, whether it be a different shape or the addition of flowers.